Lennoxs Legacy Rescue 


PLEASE NOTE: We will no longer be accepting general applications.  

All applicants must apply for a specific dog.  Your application will be placed into a pool of applications from which we will select what we feel to be the best home for that particular dog based on what is written in the application. For this reason, we ask that you spend time on each question and answer in as much detail as possible.  We do not call all applicants, or their references, for each dog. If you are not chosen for whatever the reason comes down to, we ask that you reapply for a different dog.  You must submit a new application for each dog you are interested in applying for. Applications will no longer be carried over to other available dogs for any reason. Please do not assume that you are not being selected because you are not a good applicant, but rather because we often get many applications for one dog and someone else may just happen to be a better suited applicant for that dog or, sometimes, equally as good but we had to choose just one.

All animals will be vetted prior to leaving our rescue, adoption fees include but are not limited to spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccines (DAPP/Rabies), microchip, age appropriate heartworm testing and prevention, age appropriate flea prevention. 


Step 1.

You complete an Adoption Application and submit it to us. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, the adoption application is the first step. Even if you have questions about the process or our dogs, the fastest way to begin the process is submit your completed application. Adoption applications must be accompanied by the $5.00 application fee. 


Step 2.

 If your application is moved forward in the process, our adoption team will contact your veterinarian and personal references.


Step 3.

If things progress appropriately, we will set up a meet and greet with the dog, our director and if possible, the foster family. Please note that some dogs will be available to leave at this point while others will be meeting with other potential adopters. This decision is entirely up to our team and if they feel this adoption will be a match. If you are chosen as the family to adopt, you must have a Valid ID, pay adoption fee and sign our adoption contract. 

Lennoxs Legacy Rescue is an entirely volunteer run organization so all adoption fees go directly to covering/offsetting the expenses related to the care of our animals. They are expensive, and we invest far more in their care than we take in from adoption fees. You can help by clicking the “Donate Now” link on our page.  

We take our time with the adoption process. This means …


If you send in an application, you are not guaranteed to adopt.
If you have a vet check, you are not guaranteed to adopt.
If you have a phone interview, you are not guaranteed to adopt.
If you have a home visit, you are not guaranteed to adopt.

​If you have a meet and greet, you are not guaranteed to adopt.

Basic Adoption Qualifications

1.  We DO allow out of state adoptions, if your application is chosen, you must arrange transport via car only.  We WILL NOT SHIP OUR DOGS.
2. All domesticated animals in your home MUST be spayed or neutered. Exceptions are made for pets who cannot be spayed or neutered due to        medical reasons.  Proof of this must be provided.
3. All pets currently in the home MUST be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on all required shots BEFORE applying to adopt.
4. You must be over the age of 18 to adopt. There are no exceptions to this rule.
5. We require an adoption fee for each animal you adopt. The amount depends on factors including age and health at time of adoption. We do NOT accept payment plans for adoption fees - it must be paid in full at the time of adoption.

*This list is not all inclusive and some exceptions/additions will apply to certain animals*